Simple Home Security Tips And Ideas

Home security comes first for every homeowner. Taking the right measures to ensure your property, and especially your family is protected gives you some peace of mind and reduces the risks involved in theft and break-ins. Taking even the most uncomplicated measures such as installing deadbolts and securing the windows go a long way in keeping intruders out. Outlined below are several basic home security tips.

1. Reinforce Entry Points
The first step to keeping your home secure is by ensuring all doors are made of solid wood (at least 1¾ inches thick) or made of pure metal. You could also have wooden doors reinforced with metal strips to make them much harder to break in. The windows too need to be strengthened with a burglar-resistant glass and locks. For those with sliding doors and windows, you can choose to have a metal bar reinforcement. Experts also recommend a security alarm that rings outside help should the system be breached.

2. Keep Valuables Hidden
Keeping your valuables hidden can help prevent smash-and-grab cases in the house. Most people keep the car keys, garage openers, etc. at a point close to the entry. Keeping such things in plain sight can encourage malicious people to smash the glass and grab these. You may also need to rearrange your furnishings, TV, and furniture to ensure outsiders do not have a direct view of them. You could also add blinders or plantation shutters to windows to help block clear line of sight from the outside.

3. Install Smart Sensors And Surveillance Cameras
Homes equipped with surveillance cameras are less vulnerable to break-ins as compared to those without. Most thieves will want to break in unnoticed, hence will be hesitant to break into a home with cameras all around. In addition to this, you should consider installing smart sensors and a smart doorbell for additional security. The sensors will notify you should someone attempt to break into the house. Some of the best smart doorbells have a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker system. This allows you, the homeowner to see who’s knocking at your door, and even speak to them without necessarily opening the door. This comes quite in handy and particularly in dangerous neighbourhoods.

4. Keep Your Home Lit At Night
One way get to know you arent at home in the evening or night is if all the lights are turned off. Whether staying late at a friend’s house, on a road trip or vacationing, you need to at least ensure the lights are turned on at night to create the impression someone is in the house. One of the best and smart, ways to do this is by installing smart lights. Intelligent lights can be programmed to turn on at specific times.

These are just but a few measures you can take to improve the security of your home. Practicing to ensure everything is secure and locked is the key to improved security at home.

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